Store Services

Drop & Shop Service
We wash, dry & fold your laundry!

Our Drop & Shop Service simplifies life for busy parents, oilfield workers, professionals, college students and singles. Drop off your laundry with our store’s laundry service associate. Give us a few details. Pick your laundry up later—perfectly washed, folded and packaged!

Load & Leave Service
You load the wash, we dry & fold!

Don’t waste your day doing laundry—make the most of your day by using our Load & Leave Service! You put your laundry in the washer, start the machine and let our laundry service associate know that you would like our Load & Leave Service. We’ll transfer your laundry to the dryer, fold it and call you when it’s done. Pretty Simple!

Machines To Fit Your Laundry Needs

Because we provide various sizes of high-speed, energy-efficient Continental Girbau laundry equipment you can get your laundry done faster! Our big PowerLoad Plus Washer is capable of handling 8 loads of laundry at one time! Our high-speed, energy-efficient washers clean better and shorten the time it takes to do laundry by removing more water with each spin. The result— your laundry dries faster!

Greasers Service
Oil Field Rig Clothes

If you work with or near oil, your clothes require special attention. Express Laundry Center in Miles City has special machines to accommodate oil soaked clothing. These machines are only available through our Drop-Off Service. Call or come by and let us know how we can help you keep up with your oilfield greaser laundry.

More Store Features

  • Heavy soiled rig clothes and greasers washing available for Drop-off service only.
  • Flat Screen TVs
  • Snacks & Sitting Lounge – Our comfy and spacious seating areas are a great place to relax while you’re waiting for your laundry. We have drink & food vending machines for your use.
  • Detergents & Additives Vending Machine
  • Fully Attended – Service attendants are available: Mon-Thur 8AM – 4PM.

Laundromat Miles City